8 réflexions sur “Entrevue de Denis Julien: Loi 115, Maxime Bernier

  1. I want to make a point that seems to be totally ignored whenever there is a discussion about ‘language’ … and by the way I agree with everything that has been said concerning the irresponsibility of the PQ’s fixation on a relatively minor and very distinct segment of the population living in a specific region of Québec, and their misguided assertion that this obsession is somehow indicative of National Pride and Cultural Preservation, when in fact they say nothing about addressing the majority francophone community’s total disregard for the linguistic quality of the language that they profess must be ‘protected’ …

    My point concerns the ‘other’ anglophones … not a group … not segregated … but individuals trying desperately to integrate into their francophone communities … prevented from doing so … by a culture of systemic discrimination again promoted as ‘cultural preservation’ … there are no hiring incentives available to employers to encourage integration … because these people are not immigrants … they are Canadians … there is no ‘government funded community support’ for these people … because they are neither an ethnic group or a visible minority … they are Canadians … there is no political interest in or media coverage of these people … because they are not requesting ‘special accomodation’ or ‘service in english’ … they are not ‘controversial’ … they are the forgotten minority of individual Canadians, prevented from integrating into their francophone communities, by regional mentalities that want to ensure, as a priority, that participation in their communities is restricted to thiose native to the area or to new immigrants that can be pre-selected and controlled. Their goal is to isolate the community rather than to develop it to its capacity and in so doing maintain the status quo in regional governance.

    It is our message that every free-thinking Québecois or Québecoise, dedicated to the economic and cultural advancement of this Nation, recognize these situations as deplorable wherever and whenever they occur, and denounce them as the practice of systemic discrimination against fellow citizens that they are.

    Thank you

  2. Maxime Bernier EST le politicien le plus ‘Patriotique’ que je connaisse.

    Il est LE SEUL qui comprenne bien ce qu’est une ‘Con-fédération’ et qui comprend bien le but ‘initial’ des intentions de l’idéologie de nos ancêtres.

    Dans le temps du ‘Reform Party’ j’avais fais parvenir A TOUS LES POLITICIENS à travers tout le pays, la définition EXACTE du terme ‘Con-Fédération’ qui me fut enseigné par mon grand-père qui était fortement impliqué en politique et connaissait très bien l’histoire puisque les Plaines appartenaient à un parmi nos ancêtres.

    Ce n’est qu’un peu AVANT la dernière guerre mondiale, que le gouvernement d’Ottawa s’est emparé du ‘pouvoir de dépenser’ QUI EST avouons-le Inconstitutionnel.

    Y a longtemps que les Libéraux aimeraient bien faire ‘constitutionnaliser’ ce ‘pouvoir’ mais à date dieu merci ils ont échoués.

    Ce que Maxime Bernier a dit dans son discours (en résumé) c’est: RESPECTONS la volonté de nos Pères.

    Et moi j’ajoutes: ce sera la seule façon de se ‘débarasser’ des séparatistes (idéologie sécessionniste) qu’ils soient en provenance du Qc ou de l’Ouest (Alberta) canadien.

    P.S.: Bravo m. Julien! Juste une question, avez-vous un ancêtre du nom de: Élizé ?

  3. Très bonne entrevue. Pour celui qui vomi sur vous sur le site de radio X, il oublie de dire que Duceppe a adopté le discours de Maxime Bernier.

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  5. Tank you too Monica,

    Nationalists always said that we are invided by anglophones, but like you said we never have news about them, they are not considered like Quebekers. Very very dull, and I realy hope that a political party will try to have some anglo politicians, and an open mind on a part of our population.

  6. I think that the vocal xenophobic minority needs to stop dictating how we think, and what choices we have in life.

    We want immigrants to integrate into the Québécois culture, yet all we do when they arrive is to make them feel unwelcome, and treat them like second class people.

    We celebrate « la fête Nationale », a celebration of Québec culture, with anti-English, anti-« non pure laine » celebrations. We put separatists in charge of organizing the rallies and speakers. Have we forgotten that we French Canadians are Immigrants ourselves.

    The current birth rate amongst « Pure-laine » Québébois will not sustain the population, all the immigrants have to do is wait a few generations and they will be the majority.

    We blame the English school system for the decline of the French culture, instead of looking at ourselves and figuring out why so many French speaking people want to send their kids to English school in the first place. We need to make the French school systems better, giving an education to our children that is equal to that offered in the English system. Students in the English system graduate as highly qualified bilingual students, with greater French skills than their counterparts who are native French speakers. The Quality of English as a second language on the other hand in French schools, is not anywhere near good enough to even order a meal in an English (outside of Québec) restaurant.

    Everyone in Canada knows that Québec is a French speaking enclave in North America, and respects this. No one wants to « assimilate » the French, as the PQ would make you believe. In fact, the other provinces give immigrants the choice is either English of French education. French Immersion is offered in most school in Ontario, no « heritage » language rights needed.

    Instead of throwing non French speaking children straight to the wolves, where they are intimidated by the Francophone students and made to feel unaccepted, they should go through an immersion program, like Hispanic children in the US, in order to feel welcomed into the society. Schools in areas like Chicago have Immersion programs, where they have bilingual teachers that teach them English, while also giving certain key classes in Spanish, like Math and Science, so that these children understand and do not fall behind in their education. Most students enter the main stream after 2 or three years, speaking an English that almost native, while having learned about the culture and customs of the US. These children then go on to be productive members of society, instead of a burden.

    We should be evaluating and addressing the reasons that push French speaking parents to want to send their children to English schools, instead of just pointing fingers. The rich will continue to send their kids to private schools in order to gain an economic advantage over the « average people ». Where is the study that shows how many French speaking parents would send their kids to English speaking schools if they could? And for what reasons? The PQ would never do that study now would they? If the French schools did a better job of educating our children, there would not be such a huge demand.

    If we continue to treat immigrants, Anglophone and Allophone alike, the same way as we do today, our Québécois culture will simply die out in a few generations. If we accept the people that chose to come here, and help them integrate into our culture, then our culture will survive.

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment, but next time, please more concise. People have complained about that and since then, I try to make sure everybody respects that. That being said, thank you again for your really good comment.

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