To my English-speaking friends and followers

This morning, I received a gift from a Facebook friend. She had bought the English version of L’Illusion tranquille, a political documentary that my husband and I wrote, produced and financed on our own in 2006. I directed it with the help of beautiful young people passionate of their art.

A few months after the French version’s release, a wonderful man, an anglophone Montrealer thought it would be nice to have an English version and offered us the funds to do so. The Quiet Illusion is thus, available on DVD if you want it. (You only need to email me and I will inform you on what to do).

In the meantime, however, my Facebook friend took the time to convert it in a format that pleases YouTube. Remember. This documentary was filmed in 2006. Quebec’s financial situation has worsened a whole lot since then. The debt has doubled, for instance, and we have seen this year a comeback of the sovereignty obsession on the part of our actual government.

Anyway, here it is and again, many thanks to my Facebook friend, Cindy, and a very Merry Christimas to you all.

4 réflexions sur “To my English-speaking friends and followers

  1. Johanne, you are absolutely brilliant. I had no idea who you were before this video ( I also saw your video « Joanne Marcotte à Franchement Martineau: Ah, les maudits riches! » ), and I am know convinced you are the smartest and most lucid woman in Quebec.

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